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Cheese and charcuterie but make it CUTE!!! Here at Pass the Salt, we are multi-sensory obsessed. Check out our guide below on building the ultimate cheese board (table) that is a feast for the belly and the eyes.

Table: Grab a butcher paper roll and cover any table to make it authentic. We went with LiveWell Brands 100% natural pure virgin pulp, food-grade butcher paper; 48” x 1200” covers a large picnic table. This really created a grandiose, feast vibe. Clean up is quick and easy too.

Flowers: Create the 'Piece de Resistance'. Oversized florals or even a plant at the center really anchors the table. Check to see if your city has a flower market where you can find a variety of flowers and plants at wholesale cost. Our go-to here in LA is the LA Flower District in DTLA: 766 Wall Street.

Accents: We don’t always follow the “rules”... candles during the daytime...edible floral tea sprinkled throughout ...the only rule we follow is: get creative. Use what you have and love in your house. Books?! Sure! Put them on the table! Make the butcher paper your canvas, you really can't go wrong. Don’t be afraid to make the table your own. IG & Pinterest are a great source for inspiration but we personally cruise around the house to pick up personal accents.

Cheese: This is the nuts and bolts of the board. We suggest 2-3 cheeses per medium-sized board. For variety you’ll want: funk, aged, soft, hard, and something in-between. When in doubt, give your local cheesemonger a visit to guide you through the optimal spread based on the number of guests you’re having over.

SALT TIP: Metal cheese markers, help guide your guests and make the board glisten.

Meat: Same with the cheese, we suggest 2-3 varieties per medium board. Thinly sliced meat can be folded in various ways, salamis can be cut, thick or thin. These textures and layers bring the board to life.

Spreads: Don’t stop at jams and honey! Think, mustards, balsamic, olive oils, tapenade, tzatziki, cacao, etc, remember the golden rule: get creative.  Keep them in the jar or pour them into wood, ceramic, marble, or glass containers to create different levels and heights. We gave our spreads their own board to really give them a voice!

Fruit: Get exotic!! Dragonfruit, cactus fruit, and mini artichokes all have a royal throwback feel and make the board look lush. Mix and match dried, whole and cut fruit on the board and table to get the full spectrum of color and texture.

Nuts: These neutral, earthy tones balance out the bright fruit and dark meats. Use them to separate color on the boards. You can use plain, salted, candied, or flavored nuts.

Bread & Crackers: Don’t stop at crackers and baguettes! Check your local farmers’ market or bakery for fresh-baked loaves. We grilled and sliced up an olive country Pagnotta that we placed on a cake stand with lavender salted butter, leaving everyone speechless. We tend to do that from time to time.