Five Things Pass the Salt is Obsessed With

Five Things Pass the Salt is Obsessed With

Five Things We’re Obsessed With (When Cooking Mexican Food)

Which cuisine could you eat every day for the rest of your life? For us, it’s easily Mexican food. No questions asked. We’ve been whipping up simple recipes, and we’re obsessed with these tools and ingredients.  

  • The Little Market Hand Etched Mexican Glassware - Creating a memorable tablescape is all about the little details. At Pass the Salt, we also care about where and how goods are sourced. This Rose Ann Hall Stemware collection is created with recycled glass, made in small batches from Mexican artisans, and creates jobs for locals. The collection comes in Clear, French Blue, and Aqua.


  • Guelaguetza’s Red, Black, or Coloradito Mole - Good mole can include 20+ ingredients. We thought GREAT mole could only come from Oaxaca until we tasted Guelaguetza’s. Most of which are peppers found in Oaxaca, Mexico, spices, and chocolate. These moles are authentic and ship nationwide. Simply blend fresh tomatoes (or you can use canned tomatoes), broth, brown sugar, and salt. Each jar serves 4-6 people and should be refrigerated after opening.


  • Bricia Lopez's Autographed Oaxaca Cookbook - If you haven’t been to Oaxaca, this cookbook will take you there. The photography, recipes, cocktails are a gorgeous depiction of the rich gastronomy in Oaxaca. Bricia covers topics like Mezcal drinking vessels, soups, moles, mexican desserts, salsas, and so much more. It’s so gorgeous that it doubles as a coffee table book with it’s vibrant yellow cover.


  • Maseca Corn Flour for Masa - The truth is, making tortillas at home is simple. All you need is masa, water, tortilla press, and a pan. Trust us, you can absolutely make tacos at home. Best of all, they're delicious! Maseca corn flour is gluten-free, kosher diet, and made from ground dried corn. Corn Flour Masa is used to make tortillas, sopes, empanadas, enchiladas, pupusas, huaraches, patacónes, arepas, and stole.


  • William Sonoma Red Cast Iron Tortilla Press - Tortilla presses come in either wood or cast iron. The key to using a tortilla press successfully is to use pieces of wax paper on each side so that the masa doesn’t stick to the sides. When using the cast iron, start pressing the masa gently until you get the hang of how quickly it will press. Tortilla making is a delicate balance to make it the perfect thickness.