Our Five Hosting Hacks to Get The Vibe Right

Domino Mag Hosting an Outdoor Tablescape for a Large Party


Step 1: Set the Vibe

Remember: the more eclectic, the better. Go all out with bold colors (see: pop-of-pink napkins), mismatched glasses, and conversation-owning coasters that’ll take your tablescape from zero to fiesta. 

Step 2: Build-Your-Own Bar

Tequila night? Grab the agave, glasses, your new Otomi coasters that double as drink markers (clutch for avoiding the whose-is-whose mix-up), and throw together a salt-your-own-rim set-up. Set aside some fresh-squeezed, citrusy goodness in a pitcher and leave it to your guests to get the party started. 

We love a ready-made mixer for so many reasons: 1) It’s an awesome time-saver; 2) your guests might appreciate having the option to choose their own booze; and 3) it’s a great kid-friendly alcohol-free alternative, too. (Pro tip: Pull out a puzzle or a game like Jenga to keep kiddos entertained, so mom and dad can stick around longer.)

Step 3: Create a Kids Corner

The sign of any good party? When no one wants to leave. And the trick to getting mom and dad to stick around for longer is a matter of keeping the kiddos happy. Set aside some ready-made mocktails for the minis (kid-friendly snacks also help) and pull out a game like Jenga that’ll keep them busy for hours. Littles will love it; parents will surely appreciate it.

Step 4: Turn it Up 

Fact: Music can make or break the mood. So we went ahead and prepped a playlist for you—head over to Pass the Salt on Spotify to listen in.

Step 5: “What Can We Bring?” 

We get by with a little help from our friends, ammiright? Shoot over a text with all the details (timing, parking WTFs, what to bring, what not to bring) a day or two before your big gathering to prevent any unfashionably late show-ups later.