Party Like It's 2020 Sprinkle Sparklers





Pouring out a little for our moms out there. This one is really worth cheers’ing! Its easy, effortless, next to zero clean up & gets lots of hip-hip hoorays!! Swap Martinellis for the little ones; they can join you in the DIY party & eat the mess!  

SALT TIP: You can get sprinkles to stick to glassware with honey, white or dark melted chocolate, corn syrup, or eggs to name a few. For this cocktail, we think a thin egg-wash rim is best. Its light, translucent & keeps the focus on the sprinkles!  

BONUS TIP: We love working with Watkins sprinkles, they have no artificial colors, are FD&C dye-free, corn syrup free, gluten-free, kosher, plant-based & non-GMO. We can cheers to that! 


1 bottle Champagne LINK

1 bottle Sprinkles LINK

1 egg white LINK 


  1. Pour your egg white in a small bowl (large enough to fit the rim of your glass), this is the “glue” for the sprinkles
  2. Pour your sprinkles into a small to medium bowl (large enough to fit the rim of your glass)
  3. Dip the sides or full rim of your champagne flute, coup, or glass into the egg wash. You can make this as thin or thick as you would like. We dipped just shy of 1/4 centimeter to get a super thin rim. 
  4. Lightly twist your glass into the bowl of sprinkles until covered
  5. Pop + pour your champagne or sparkling beverage 
  6. Cheers! 🥂