Take Takeout Up a Notch with the #SALSABOX

Take Takeout Up a Notch with the #SALSABOX


At Pass the Salt our goal is to make you and your tablescape look good!  Whether you’re cooking, having a picnic, cocktails, or takeout, the authentic accent pieces, discovery brands and items you will find in a Pass the Salt turn up the vibe! 

SALT TIP: Pick your spirit animal! Hand-stitched in Mexico, the one-of-a-kind color-happy Otomi coasters moonlight as drink markers. One per person in the Salsa Box or you can purchase individually on our site HERE.

UNPACKING: Order your favorite Mexican takeout. We did Tocaya Organica. Gather your bowls and plates to transfer it in. No need to fib on making the food, the 'piece de resistance' is the Salsa Box. 


Fuschia Cocktail Napkins Made from sumptuous, these soft—and we mean soft—napkins are the kind you can use now and keep around for future fiestas to come. The hot pink adds a vibrant pop to the table 

Otomí Multi-Colored Coasters Anchor the table and give that authentic Oaxacan Mexico feel. 

PTS x Flores Lane Candle: A custom fragrance for PTS: Cilantro, Lime, Smoked Agave, and Sea Salt. Meant to complement the mood of the evening and not interfere with the food. Hand-poured here in LA by Flores Lane—looks as luxurious as it smells. You can burn it with peace of mind knowing it’s made from 100 percent soy wax and natural oils only. Two-ounce travel-size candle. Burn time up to 15 hours. Eight-ounce candle burns for up to 60 hours. 

Yes Cocktail Co. Blood Orange & Chili Pepper Cocktail Mixer  Made from scratch, this not-too-sweet, not-too-spicy mixer—bursting with flavor-packed botanicals and herbs—plays well with tequila, mezcal, whatever you’re in the mood for, or even a simple splash of seltzer for mocktails (booze optional). 16 oz serves 10-16 cocktails. In the picture shown we just added ice! 

Dried Blood Orange Slices Do it for the ‘gram: These camera-friendly citrus slices are not only totally edible, but they add a bitter-sweet symphony of tartness to any cocktail you’ve got going on.

Vaso Veladora Shot Glass: Etched with teeny crucifixes at the bottom, these Veladoras are actually OG votives you’d traditionally find twinkling in a Mexican church. These days, they serve a different purpose—i.e. for slowwwly sipping a shot of Mezcal. As the saying goes: Drink until you see the cross. Each glass serves three ounces. 

Conversation Starter Cards: Whether you’re hosting friends, family, or NEW friends, these ice breaker cards will get the party started and going (just like the Don Julio shots bring poured).

Spotify Playlist: To set the mood and integrate an authentic experience.

Entertainment Menu: Not sure which movies to play? We included movie recommendations ranging from the classics, award-winning, to the kid-friendly animation flicks.