Our Partners in Vibe

We scour the globe in search of small artisan hands and family-run brands (no offense, Jeff Bezos.) If the people we partner with are the heart, then the quality-made goods they carefully craft for our kits are the soul. Small batch, sustainably sourced, and always, always made with love. 

Yes Cocktail Co. - Paso Robles, CA

Everything Yes. Cocktail Co. makes is delicious—from the made-from-scratch mixers (all crafted in Paso Robles, by the way) to the locally sourced botanicals, real-deal herbs, and spices that take their small-batch blends from good to “we’re going to need more.”

Flores Lane Candles - WeHo, CA

Tired of being burned by toxic ingredients hiding out in overpriced candles, Tricia Baden was at her wicks’ end. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease—and finding herself feeling hypersensitive to synthetic fragrances—she decided to launch her own line of seriously chic, clean candles made from only the good stuff, like 100% soy wax and amazing-smelling natural oils.

Made (with Love) in Mexico

We go straight to the source (i.e. Oaxaca, Mexico) and work with the craftswomen behind some truly unique and traditional goods that tell a story. From hand-embroidered coasters to local delicacies like Sal de Gusano del maguey (ahem, agave worm salt), our hand-picked pieces are what we like to call, stuff with soul.

Girl Meets Dirt - Orcas Island, WA

Manhattanite Audra Query swapped Wall Street for an idyllic setting on the San Juan Islands of Washington to do what she loves most: turn the bounty of her backyard orchard-y oasis into delectable jams that keep us—and the locals around the Orcas Island—coming back for more.

Clif Family - Napa Valley, CA

A long, languorous bike ride through the hills of Tuscany that ends in bottles of vino and gourmet delights? It’s the exact setting that inspired Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford to start their own winery in Napa Valley, CA. And their mouth-wateringly good, solar-grown spreadable treats have become a staple in our hosting kits.

Ojai Jellys - Santa Barbara, CA

It was a lengthy recovery from heart surgery that inspired Suze McClellan to seek solace in cooking. After her legendary habanero jam was featured on Good Morning America, the Ojai, CA native decided to give this preserving business a real shot. And just like that: our favorite sweet-and-spicy jam makers out of Ojai cemented their presence in our pantries forever.

Rustic Bakery - Marin County, CA

We may be biased, but Carol Levalley and Josh Harris make, hands down, the best sourdough crackers on the planet. And what started out with humble beginnings—Josh doing the dough, Carol baking the flatbreads—quickly flourished into the thriving San Francisco operation that it is today. Their out-of-this-world-good crackers should really come with a warning label: you can’t just eat one.

Jacobsen Salt Co. - Netarts Bay, OR

Salt king Ben Jacobsen had one goal in mind when he started his company: to bring good salt to the good ‘ole US of A. After becoming the first to harvest the stuff in the Pacific Northwest since—wait for it—the Lewis & Clark, his flaky finishing goodness has become the gold standard in kitchens everywhere. So when Jacobsen decided to have a go at sustainable beekeeping, you can probably guess how sweet the end result was…

Black Bow Sweets - Montecito, CA

Montecito is a sleepy little beach town in Santa Barbara, CA that’s stolen our hearts. So when we first discovered local resident Lisa Wojcik’s homemade candied almonds that use only natural, non-GMO ingredients (like, whole almonds sourced from the San Joaquin Valley) made from a storied family recipe, you could say it was love at first bite.

Good Juju Ink - Oakland, CA

Juliana “Juju” and Ryan Kissick believe in the power of a thoughtful, hand-written note. As for us? We are right there with them. Hand-drawn with tender loving care out of San Francisco, CA—their achingly adorable stationery is playful, spirit-lifting, at times cheeky, and guaranteed to bring a smile to any recipients’ face.

Ginger Squared - San Diego, CA

Hand-stamped pieces are the stock-in-trade at Ginger Squared—the family-run business out of San Diego, CA (and the brand behind our beautifully made cheese markers) that’s affectionately named after founder Michell’s two ginger kids who put the ‘ahhh’ in awfully cute.