Box Contents

Pass the Spread box contents:

Yes Cocktail Co. Hot Toddy Cocktail Mixer Are the holidays even the holidays if you haven’t sipped a soul-warming, cinnamon-spiced hot toddy made in small batches out of Paso Robles, CA? Just add hot water (mocktails) or hot water + bourbon, brandy, whiskey, or dark rum, and a well-stoked fire (for festive vibes). 

Cinnamon, Sugar, and Sea Salt Blend And because no hot toddy is complete without a cinnamon dusting around the rim of your mug—here, a touch of that partly spiced, subtly salty, and just-the-right-amount-of sugary deliciousness that tastes like winter in a cup.

Dried Apple Slices The perfect finishing touch to your Spiced Toasty Toddy, these crisp apple slices are preserved by our friends at the Magnolia Floral Texas Etsy Shop. Use them as an edible floating garnish that you can totally nibble on later. 


PTS x Flores Lane Candle Meant to liven up the mood, this custom-crafted candle is hand-poured from 100% soy wax and natural eucalyptus and cedar oils, with delicate notes of honey almond, spiced pear, and just a trace of sugar. Burn the 2 oz. candle for up to 15 hrs and the 8 oz. for up to 60 hrs.

PTS Cocktail Napkins These + a round of hot toddies = mint to be. Stitched with a striking bronzed border, these mint-colored napkins are a festive way to step up any charcuterie spread, if you ask us. Plus, they’re totally reusable (and only get softer with each wash!). 

Wild Cherry Spoon Co. Cherry  Wood Knife Spreader  A solid cheese spread starts with a solid spreader—and this gently curved, hand-chiseled knife (check out that gorgeous cherry-wood) gets the job done with ease. Use liberally with soft cheeses like brie, Humboldt fog, or goat. Wash and oil occasionally.


Girl Meets Dirt Pink Bartlett Preserve - 4.5 oz. Girl Meets Dirt’s perfectly tart pear preserve is made using an age-old French soaking technique that’s classique. And the sprinkle of pink peppercorn gives it an unexpected spiced nuance, which pairs back to everything from strong blues and to more mild goats. Three month shelf life once opened. 

Clif Family Cacao Solar Grown Honey Spread - 5.5 oz. Crafted from cacao powder and solar-grown raw wildflower honey, this heavenly spread tastes like nutella...but better. Made in small batches out of Napa Valley, CA, it’s juuust the right amount of rich, and goes hand in hand with the Rustic Bakery crisps (so good). Two year shelf life once opened. 

Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam - 11 oz. Care for a little heat with your sweet? That’s the idea behind this goes-with-everything jam, which is made in Ojai, CA from farm-fresh apricots with a surprise—and not too spicy—habanero kick. It’s tangy, taste bud-tantalizing, and yes, totally addictive. Two year shelf life once opened.


Black Bow Truffle Rosemary Candied Almonds - 2 oz. There are almonds, and then there are rosemary-dusted, black-truffle almonds that have been delicately candied in a sugary sea-salt blend (nom). Shake out a handful in a small dish for a sweet switch-up from the more savory cheese-board additions. 


Jacobsen Co. Raw Wildflower Honey Sticks - 6 grams per stick Like all of Jacobsen Co.’s wildflower honey, these individually wrapped sticks are loaded with a sustainably harvested, locally foraged raw honey that’s s-w-e-e-t as can be. And those squeezable sticks happen to be perfect for the era of no double-dipping. Plus, they’re BPA-free. 

Ginger Squared Acrylic Cheese Markers Cheddar? Gouda? Goat? To lend a hand in the what’s-what department, may we suggest these chic acrylic markers to separate your bries from your blues? Simply stick the markers in their respective cheeses, and then rinse to use again. 

PTS Conversation Starters Get to know your guests; drop some knowledge on your Dad; throw a few fun facts at your friends; hit your mom, sister, or brother in-law with the deep questions, the would-you-rathers, and the laugh-out-loud q’s that’ll do more than just break the ice.